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  1. Done. Changed to VlexoFree.
  2. Yeah i think i need help. I got no idea how to change the bottom link. >.> Because i thought the link at the bottom was automatically set when i create my forum last time Thank you Anyway, i notice that the link back of Vlexo Hosting, is link back to , so is it compulsory to change the name to VlexoFree Hosting ?
  3. Erm, currently i got no idea on how to change those word and links at the bottom there. Please give me some time. Thank you.
  4. I see. Done. my ipanel username is anixekai I will change the link back from my website.
  5. Why is my package suspended? I have all the linkbacks and ads .. Please unsuspend me.. iPanel:anixekai Domain(s) Package: Personal 300
  6. Thank you very much for your information ^^ -Topic Resolved-
  7. I see. What if like, 1 day i will have an event in my forum and there will be a sudden increase of member in the forum and exceeded the bandwith , so i will get auto suspend too? Still, thank you very much for the information ^^
  8. What will happen if i exceeded my bandwidth? If i wanna to upgrade the package , what should i do?
  9. Finally saw the link..!! Please check it again. username: Anixekai Please resume all the services in my account. Thank you.
  10. Ok. I tried to figure out. Er..what is the reason that caused it? >.< Er..i had add http:// in front of the link. Please check again >.<
  11. I just put the link in it. >.< Is there something wrong?
  12. and my cpanel username is : anixekai
  13. i had make a link back. please check my website.. >.<
  14. Thank you. Please give me few days time to get it complete.. >.<
  15. you had unsuspend my account?