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  1. Yes, I will fix it.
  2. Updates for XP are dropped soon (Next year, I think?) You'd be much better getting Windows 7.
  3. My account has been suspended iPanel Username = jacksite Domain = jacksite-s.co.cc Package = expert2000 What did I do this time? I seriously don't have a clue.
  4. I'll most likely start using it on my next redesign.
  5. This sounds interesting. Might need to install Minecraft again.
  6. Ahh damn sorry I forgot about that. I'll sort it out now. edit : The reason I need the domain is because some of the other sites I run depend on it for certain files. I've made the domain redirect to my main site now.
  7. roflcopter soi soi soi soi

  8. My site got suspended, have not got the foggiest why. Ipanel username = Jacksite Domain = Jacksite.net plan = Expert 2000 I was working on a redesign of my site, and I had the ad's and links.
  9. If you want a public web server, make sure you got a looottt of security on there
  10. Welcome to VlexoFree. I'm in the UK also
  11. How the world should be, very nice!
  12. The adverts go onto every page, like the link back. would be easier to use php includes , also the code's for the adverts are at this page
  13. In a very random mood

  14. Is this ok now? Seems a lot faster.
  15. Ok, I'm hoping I got this right. I added your link back comment and ad comment to about all the pages on my site. Can you check it's ok please?