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  1. Hey

    I'm new myself. I can hardly wait to see your website. Maybe, you can check out my Nuby, Ruby for Newbies. It will be at: Welcome to the community! pausitronix
  2. Thank you Eli L! That was short and sweet! I hope your posts helps others, too!
  3. I have a domain on another host. Unfortunately, my Mom fell ill and despite almost a year of fully dedicated care she died, recently. I had a year to do something but I put my Mom before me and my business. Since I was unable to get it up and they will start to charge me I would like to have a second chance to do it right. I have spent hours trying to find specifics on how to point my domain on Vlexo hosting but cannot find any information. I have found topics that when searched for that exist but was told that they didn't. In any case, I am really tired and would like to get on with it, as I am still grieving and have to battle probate on top of everything else. Is there a thread on how to start? I've seen package requests of others but I haven't seen an actual request form.