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  1. I use to live in New york where there is bomb threats all the time They even found a photo of an expelled student long time ago that said "see you in hell" when he was threatening to bomb the school
  2. 1 year later... i think hes doing just fine
  3. http://www.winzy.com Winzy is a place where you can earn prizes for answering people's questions and playing games. You get entered in a daily sweepstakes to win alot of prizes such as iPods, amazon gift cards, and more. Click the link to sign-up now!
  4. $299.99 = iPhone 3G S (i have the iphone 3g ) $100.00 = New computer $700.00 = Invest with it
  5. When I bought my computer: Windows Vista Home Basic (No Sp1) Intel Celeron D Memory - 512 MB of RAM 2.53 GHz Intel 82865G Graphics Contoller 12"-13" Monitor (im not that sure) at 1024x768 res 116 GB of space 32 Bit Operating System 1.0 rating on Windows Experience Index ^At $599.99 After I upgraded my computer: Memory - 2046 MB of RAM:)
  6. Yeah that file manager is very slow.
  7. Great song. It was just released last year
  8. hai

    The ads are right here. Also, welcome!
  9. Obama is doing all he can to provide jobs for america.
  10. Just let people marry who they want
  11. I have seen this video all the time. Its still very interesting though.
  12. These games eventually turn out to be very laggy unless u got a good internet speed
  13. NBA 2K9 for the Ps2 it is addictive and fun. I don't recommend it if you've never played basketball in real life (or watched it)
  14. I could take 20...
  15. Hip/Hop Rap, Pop, Jazz, country. I like a ton of music