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  1. cPanel UserName: Ellie Current Domain or Subdomain: randomdarkpoets.vlexo.net Requested Domain: randomdarkpoets.vlexofree.com Reason for changing: So that my forum can be visible again Thanks guys!
  2. Account Type: Personal 300 cPanel UserName: Ellie Insanity Browser: Win Int Explorer System (Mac/PC/Linux): Windows Nature Of Problem:Domain/Subdomain Your Domain/Subdomain:http://www.inkedcorpses.vlexo.net Error you are Getting [if applicable]: None Problem: I want to change "inkedcorpses.vlexo.net" to "randomdarkpoets.vlexo.net" Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, although I signed up months ago, I feel it's time I started actually doing what I came here to do, so, names Jas, I'm pretty much an aspiring author, I write alot (but currently am at this crappy stagnant point where the flow is gone). It's nice to meet you all!
  4. Has anyone every played this game? It's for the PS3. I don't have it, I was in Walmart and was playing it there, it is the sickest game I have ever played, so if no one has yet to play it, I really recommend it.
  5. I have an Acer Laptop with Windows Vista, I did not pay for it, I got it as a birthday present.
  6. I am unemployed at this moment, I was a babysitter for a while, but then the summer came, and she didn't need me anymore.
  7. I'd do A LOT of things but mainly I'd get my mom a new car (Because she has to share hers)
  8. Soul Calibor (Dream Cast) Tekken,Tekken 4 (PS) Call Of Duty (PS2) Saints Row 2 (X-Box 360) I have many others, I just can't think of them right now
  9. I got 11
  10. I'd have to say PS2, it has more games, X-box 360 is cool as well but the eye of red death comes too often.
  11. I wanted to see that movie, it looked really good
  12. My desktop: