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  1. oh ok ... but how do you delete the emails from the server with POP3
  2. No . I've heard that the e-mails are stored on my computer in thunderbird and on the server . Now I want to delete the e-mails on the server to free up space and keep only the e-mails stored on my computer. The problem is that if I receive an e-mail on my thunderbird program the mail isn't reachable through the webmail clients from the cpanel like roundcube . What's the problem ?
  3. IMAP mail server ... that's the statement in my thunderbird
  4. The question is as the title : How to delete the e-mails from the server ? ... I've thought they could be deleted form the round cube but after receiving the e-mails on thunderbird the e-mails aren't reachable on any of my accounts online ... ( it could be added to wiki )
  5. Other e-mails sent from my account get where they should be.I'll try to send the e-mails one at a time. Thank you again !
  6. Yeah , but they've still got in the Spam box. Thank you for your help !
  7. Do you know how long does it take to be unblocked on yahoo for those e-mails ?
  8. Probably because of the recognized Ip... I haven't thought about that
  9. Yeah. There must be a convention between Yahoo and the big webshops because their e-mails are always delivered in the Inbox
  10. It's a tricky thing but I'm pissed offm because of all the trouble I get while trying to send an e-mail.
  11. The bunch of e-mails are sent to invite some local organizers of scholar comeptitions to use the services of my website .It's not like spam because all the e-mails were taken from their contact form so I think there won't be any problem. However I've made some tests from a gmail account to an yahoo account and I've noticed that after the third similar e-mail all the e-mails sent from my Gmail are delivered to Spam . It's a ugly policy. I don't like it because I rarely use e-mails and when I do this happens.
  12. Im counting on you . It's not like a big problem but I like to send e-mails from the webstie e-mail accounts ( it looks more profesional ) . This proves that Yahoo isn't better than Google . ... @ Eli : Danke ! Will my e-mails be delivered to Yahoo or should I resend them ?
  13. Today I've tried to send an e-mail to a Yahoo mail but it didn't arrive. On Gmail any e-mail sent was received. I use Thunderbird as an e-mail client. Can anyone explain me the problem?
  14. Solved with a center tag .