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  1. What about posts prior to this announcement? Do they already count?
  2. Do you have a reliable, easy to use FTP Client?
  3. Nice site, Jonathan! Never knew you owned it.
  4. Congratulations David G!
  5. Try some contests! Prizes could be domains, hosting and forum-related items.
  6. lol hey Brendan I'll happily leave a message......... Lol... Thats all i can think of right now :P

  7. Yes, when I was in the hospital I was buying a hotdog at the Corner Caf? (lol, dumb name) and the guy said there were no seeds on the bun. So I bought it and it was covered in seeds. I was going to like yell at him, "I had f****** brain surgery a few days ago - give me a break!" but then I decided to be "mature".
  8. This is great; a big step forward for Vlexo!
  9. Anyone want to leave a message? :D

  10. I have DreamWeaver, however purchased phpDesigner as an extra. It's much easier to use, in my opinion.
  11. I don't think I would - I like the name Brendan!
  12. Fall Out Boy!
  13. Nice template, Olly. However, I suggest using phpDesigner rather than DreamWeaver.
  14. Never mind.