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  1. think about tomorrow not yesterday live for today and not for tomorrow cus u may not see tomorrow

  2. can help with html xhtml css will be able to help with php soon (in learning process)
  3. thats brilliant tnx joe and sorry for a ny troubles caused and no hard feelings about earlier
  4. can someone please confirm my site is ok with required terms please would be greatly appreciated
  5. thanks joe im creating index pages and adding ads do they need to be on every page ? also can i have my own google ads on there two or is this not allowed ?
  6. i didnt see the message about linkbacks so chill out i added the ADVERTS like you asked, i added a page with links i will be ADDING all of the relevant content. it just at the time when i put that page up i had other commitments like my children i do sincelry apolgise and as for you saying about email I "qoute" i have had limited access to the net recently so havent been able to check email or login for i didnt have an active internet connection, and i find your attitude very disapproving as you are supposed to be a professional staff member . however i do see & understand your frustration the longer i dont see the point in sitting here arguing about it. and i didnt aim it directly at anyone about having a life outside of the computer i just ment in general we all have lifes outside of the internet i will place your linkbacks ads and content as soon as i am able to login but atm, you said uve moved my app to denied ive never had a problem before and do as im asked by forum staff. i never noticed the part about the linkbacks and i knw my link's were all at home.htm to remind me when i logged in again to add the other pages and content your sincerly tycoon (TJ)
  7. hi there staff team again ive done required stuff for my index page and you have suspended my account why may i ask ? can i have a reason the ads are in place and it not a redirect or landing page i just havent got round to adding the content to the centre of the page any help on why it has been suspnded would be great lol i forgot about the link back just went to login today and found out i was suspended i have limited access to the internet atm so please remember this when suspneding my account as for the 3/4/2010 i have only just seen the message about being suspended permantly i find this unfair as you can check forum logs i havent been able to login for a while once reactivated i will add linkback to forums and to main page as well as move add to more suitable location and add content tnx tycoon sorry for any hassle cuased but i do have a life outside of the internet two lmao
  8. my account been suspended lol can you unsuspen it i had to do a refresher course on css i cudnt get anything right ive got index page now eli sorry for the amount of time is taken ive had a lot of personal problems
  9. ok Eli i will have it done by monday evening at the latest as im quiet busy over this weekend but by monday night it will be fully created
  10. oh ok tyvm Eli do i get the ads from the vlexo free home page ?
  11. ok i will do the index page and add the ads this eveining can you reactivate my account so i can do so please tyvm
  12. hi there you have said you have suspended my account i know i havent put an index page up yet becuase ive been busy with other priorties but i am activly adding content to my gforums the url http://www.phpblogger.co.cc/forum i will be added an index page and replacing your default page asap at least im assuming that is the reason u suspended my account if not please feel free to say so tyvm tycoon
  13. welcome to the forums and nice to meet you
  14. welcome to the forums saji hope you find the members interesting and the hosting reliable
  15. you must use lowercase username and a lowercase password for the phpbb install you must not use any uppercase letters whatsoever in the username or in the password