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  1. @Eli L cPanel supports LetsEncrypt plugin - Install Fast and Free SSL and HTTPS in cPanel with Let’s Encrypt explains the procedure to install autossl or other third party plugins
  2. You can make backup of your account/database using cPanel. If its just database, you can also export database using phpMyAdmin. Eli may be able to help move to new plan with all existing files and database.
  3. You can access cPanel even now by visiting
  4. Follow the template
  5. cPanel Link: Did you use u7231526 as your login?
  6. I have set to auto update WP, So it always stays on latest.
  7. You might have missed following instructions at - Step 4.
  8. You can install Wordpress through cPanel > Software & Services > Site Software. Or you can install by following instructions at You can get linkback code from For editing the side bar, you can refer to or
  9. There is no default .htaccess and its an optional file. Keep a backup and you can try deleting .htaccess
  10. Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free!

  11. Have you configured MX and SPF records? If you have configured, we need to wait till Eli is back.
  12. MySQL Server - You cannot install a software if it requires root access.
  13. You have to complete Step 4 given in before your account becomes active.
  14. You can see disk usage in Files > Disk Space Usage Please refer to document on
  15. You are not using ad code. Please refer to on how to place ads and linkback on our pages.