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  1. Hi Team, Could you send me the back up(files and mysql dump) of my sites http://whatsurstatus.in? and set this one as my domain of the account? Regards, Ravi
  2. Hi Eli, My main domain is expired because of which my account is suspended. Now, I'm not able to access cpanel. Is is possible to set whatsurstatus.in as my main domain and activate my account? If not, could you please help me to get back up of all other domains in my account? [a]Account Plan: Personal 500 cPanel UserName : u1967792 [c]Your Domain or Subdomain: ULTIMATEMESSAGE.tk (Expired) [d]Nature Of Problem[/b]: Cpanel Regards, Ravi
  3. Hi All, My account is suspended. Cpanel Id: u1967792 Website: http://whatsurstatus.in/ Could someone please check and unsuspend my account? Regards, Ravi
  4. Hi, Is it possible to set http://whatsurstatus.in/ as my main account domain ?