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  1. This suggestion is totally unclear. What is the suggestion? What is the goal of this suggestion? What would the forum and what would the members gain when this suggestion is done? Why would somebody with over 50 posts get more privileges that somebody who just arrives? There seems nothing wrong with the promotion of the website by members. Actually there is a big curiousity about how the websites of other members hosted by vlexofree look. 28 Topics have been started in the year 2010. It is certainly unreal to say that the promotion part gets overflown with posts of new members who promote their website. http://vlexoforums.com/forum/23-website-promotion/
  2. an 1 month notice on forehand would not make much difference and seems a bit more member friendly. the personal message application works fine for such messages. and the members have an emailaccount too. maybe it is more a matter of needing help and directions than a pure denial of the requirements of the service. reliability is highly important for this free webhost. taking the free website offline isn't the best way to improve the image of being a reliable webhost. this is remarked without any intention to influence the policy of the webhost though.
  3. The plans should be links.
  4. What is the video of youtube you like the most?
  5. 1. Go to step 4. 2. Click the link. 3. Copy the questions. 4. Go to the section to post the interview. 5. Paste the questions. 6. Type the answers behind the questions. 7. Push the button that says: á¹”ost New Topic'. 8. Come back regularly to answer some more questions if asked and to see if the interview is approved. the link in the post above this one leads to a website that doesn't seem to be a webhost.
  6. But what is the deal? I cant find the deal on the website.
  7. Do you like polls?

    1. yes.

    2. loads.

    3. They are the funniest parts of the internet.

    4. Give me more polls to vote please.

    5. The more polls the better.

    6. What is this poll about?

    7. This poll is very pointless.

    8. You won the first prize of number 1 poll poster.

  8. malcom, you are great. I like polls a lot.


  9. Was it done on purpose? Or is it an unwanted effect of a wrong script?
  10. is fenja obsessed with polls?

    1. yes

    2. no

    c. possibly

    4. can I haz a cookie?

    5. don't be ridiculous, or course not

    6. yeah, he's a poll spammer

    7. what was the question, I lost track of this poll?


  11. Do you consider to donate? What will you make a positive decision to donate? What does keep you back from donating? Is it necessary to donate to keep the free webhost online?
  12. Sp how much pending accounts are there in september 2010?
  13. What is the deal? 50% off the price?
  14. A linkback is a link to the website of http://www.vlexofree.com It looks like: <!--VlexoFree_LinkBack--> or: Hosting provided by VlexoFree Hosting or: Hosted by <a href="http://www.vlexofree.com">Vlexofree Hosting</a>
  15. What is my problem?