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  1. cPanel UserName: team4780 Current Domain or Subdomain: Requested Domain: Reason for changing: Bought new domain and (finally) got approval to continue working on the website.
  2. If the website outgrew space and bandwidth, would you like to upgrade to a Expert 2000 plan? It would cater to your needs alot better.
  3. Hello, Moodle released a new version "2.2.4+". I would recommend completely deleting the Moodle folders and install it on a new database. I tried it with my site and it's working properly.
  4. We are unable to email you before we suspend you but as long you follow the TOS and keep the ad and linkback on your site, you'll be good to go!
  5. You chose a great service! (Not coming from a Support Staff) I have a IT job here in Ohio and I use it for client access along with my blog. Here's my suggestions to help you: Make sure you have some sort of understanding on what you want your website to do. Also, I use a .tk domain for my hosting until I can afford a .com domain. Try a .tk domain for now to look more professional. I hope this helped!
  6. Exactly.
  7. Please use the template here:
  8. Kikin, Please post your interview here and make sure you fill out everything: http://vlexoforums.c...ree-interviews/ (Create a new thread for it if you're having trouble.)
  9. Alright, Can you use the template given It'll help us see if it's a problem on our end.
  10. It also looks like (from your website), that it's not connecting to the database. For the server name, Are you using 'localhost'?
  11. Alright. Use the template here:
  12. Maybe. Once you create it (and add the nameservers), it should be alright. If it doesn't work, contact Dot Tk about it.
  13. Alright. (Listen to Eli)
  14. It's showing up on my end. Did you try Eli's method? Let us know if it doesn't work or need help.