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  1. Hi Eli, Just a quick update. I was using the shortcode from the wiki page here: http://vlexofree.com/wiki/Ads_and_Linkbacks <!--VlexoFree_LinkBack--> That tag was in my footer, but it looks like your shortcut system has stopped working. I knew that I had to have had the link in there. Going forward, I have added in the link manually to avoid any trouble in the future.
  2. Thank you Eli, I will add it immediately. And, sorry again for the trouble.
  3. Hi Eli, Thanks for the information. Can you tell me what URLs did not have the linkback? I am using wordpress, and have the link in the theme's footer, so it should be on every page. I haven't made any major changes in quite a while. Am I able to be un-suspended to fix it? I know the rules say that I have 1 month to appeal a suspension, so if I missed the boat, I guess that's my tough luck. Thanks again -Pat
  4. Hi, My account appears to be suspended. Account Username: thepat Domain: megdrapes.com Package: Personal 300 Please let me know what I have done wrong, and how to fix it. Thank you
  5. Hi, Just recently I started noticing that I am getting an error message when navigating my site. It may pop up 1 out of every 10 pages I go to. The message is as follows: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /home/thepat/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1978 The number of bytes changes each time, but the rest of the message is the same. It is a wordpress site, and everything is up to date. The error comes up both in the admin area as well as the outward facing site.
  6. Than you, thank you, thank you Eli. The linkback has been added.
  7. Hi, It has been over 24 hours now with no update or explaination. I am sorry to be insistant, but this is a critical page, and an extremely bad time. It is my girlfriend's portfolio, and she is currently in a job hunt. She is giving potential employers the website when applying. Please tell me what I need to do here. What rule I have broken so I can rectify it. I am truly sorry for what I have done, and it was not intentional by any means. Please help me in fixing my issues and removing the suspension. Thank you.
  8. Good morning, It appears that last night my account was suspended. Over night I was thinking about what the issue may have been, and realize that I neglected to add the link back to Vlexofree.com when I updated to a new theme. I am terribly sorry for this error, and if I was provided access, I would add the link ASAP. My details: Package: Personal 300 Domain: megdrapes.com Username: thepat Please let me know what I can do to rectify this situation, and I will be more then happy to do what ever it takes. Thank you for your time and consideration -Pat
  9. Hi, I am not sure if this is really a support request, but I logged into my CPanel today for the first time in a while, and the sleek dark grey and blue theme is gone. Is there any way to get it back? The default themes are pretty ugly! Thanks
  10. Awesome! Thanks so much for your help. I have updated the interview as requested. Thanks so much, you guys are awesome!
  11. Account Type: Personal 300 cPanel UserName: thepat Browser: Chrome System (Mac/PC/Linux): PC Nature Of Problem: Other Your Domain/Subdomain: meghandraper.co.cc Error you are Getting [if applicable]: N/A Problem: This site was set up as a gift / surprise for my girlfriend to create a portfolio. I used the free domain name meghandraper.co.cc at the time, but now she would like to change it to megdrapes.com. The domain name has been registered, and is pointing to the correct DNS. If it is possible, I would like to have the site moved to the domain name if possible, or let me know what I have to do to make this happen. Thanks for your help and the great service! -Pat