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  1. Hi, The topic title is self explanatory. Please help.
  2. thanks a lot, that helped.
  3. Ummm, what do you call the logo next to the link in your browser? How can I save an image under .ico ?
  4. I know my last post in this thread was like two years ago but, after watching Linkin Park's performance in Milton Keynes, wow, they're awesome... They made the songs in Minutes to Midnight sound so much better. Dam I love them... I'm suddenly addicted to 30 Seconds to Mars' The Kill. Hmmm...
  5. Championship Manager 01-02.
  6. CS is NOT the best game ever but heck, it's a good game to play! Love it! And DoTA is awesome!
  7. That Elmo one is awesome! haha!
  8. Gosh, that was super dumb! And Malaysia, Truly Asia xD Haha! woots!
  9. Thanks.
  10. Thanks a lot for the response. I'll discuss with my partner about this. The IT people here in my school are pain in the butt. That's why Vlexo is the next best option for us.
  11. Did that already.
  12. I think we might use Platinum for that account. The current account I have now is Alpha.
  13. I can't see my website again.
  14. The current account I have now is for personal use. The second account is gonna be for my school newspaper's website where I might need more space and such.
  15. Hi, Just wondering whether I can get a separate free webhosting account? Jonathan