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StoneRocket - Solid as Stone Fast as Rocket

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Hello everyone one more time,

here goes another web host service review, this time is the currently mine host.



(From the site): "Stonerocket is one of the oldest, most reliable and best free cPanel hosting providers on the internet. With years of experience we offer fine tuned free php / mysql web hosting for you to create your websites. We have been providing free web hosting since 2005 and in that time hosted thousands of happy users.

With over 98% uptime on our servers for the last few years. We ensure your webpages are up and running 24/7/365 on a blazing fast connection"

(Mine): Agree with the site description. Since I ran away from HeiioHost in May, I have hidden on StoneRocket until right now (2011-12-06) and never prove a downtime or slow time.

The features are the basic of a traditional web host, but up to date. No RoR or PostgreSQL (have Python if I'm not wrong).

There's a screenshot from my account stats on cpanel attached .

You can register anytime, but like VlexoFree, you need to request your account, but you just can do after post 10 no span posts on forum, which is not a hard task since the community is great.

After you have your host account you don't need to maintain (post on foruns or log in or something else), but you need to keep yours eyes on forum announcements, because time to time there are some kind of "inactive account clean up" and you need to say that is alive.

Score: (9.5/10)

SMTP limits you to 5 emails per hour.

Other: Due to some reasons, the staff decided don't keep the web hosting, services like forum will continue, but the web hosting will close in 2012-01-01.

Because this, I searched looking for another web host like that, and found VlexoFree, and I hope make here my web home. : )



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