can i check my enail account using email notifier

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Account Plan:Expert 2000

cPanel UserName:islampha

Your Domain or


System (Mac/PC/Linux):[/b]pc,linux

[b]Nature Of Problem[/b]:other

[b]Error you are Getting [/b]:no error

[b]Problem[/b]:i created an email to my domain i can use it well but i want to get notified when new email arrives...i use email-notifier under linux .what r the settings to enter it i mean is it pop3 or smtp and what is the server name and port no...etc..if it's applicable

Thanx too much

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A mail account on the server can be accessed remotely as with most mail services, POP3 is using for receiving mail and SMTP for sending mail.

The basic details to connect to this will be;

POP Server:

SMTP Server:


Password: The password you set up for this mail account.

The port numbers should be the default ports, unless you are looking to use SSL, in which case your email program should be able to automatically define these. If your program does not supply these, you will usually need 110 for POP3 and 25 for SMTP for basic unsecured access.

These details are available when you set up the account under cPanel, and also there is an 'Auto-Configuration Script' for Outlook & Outlook Express available there to. I would encourage you to explore the Email Accounts page in the cPanel Interface.

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