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Community wise, this place is mostly inactive and mostly non Westerners. There seem to be a lot of people that use it to host spam or "Nigerian prince" style stuff. Very low grade member base.The upside is they have live chat (via IRC), and they are very responsive.

Feature wise, it isn't bad, but could be a lot better. It has the "basics": PHP/SQL, a fair amount of space and bandwidth, etc. The biggest problem is the fact they removed their propitiatory File Manager. They don't have cPanel, and instead use a watered down interface they created themselves. It gets the job done, I suppose. Their FTP connection is also pretty terrible most of the time--forget about attempting to install Wordpress. They do not have a site backup feature, and instead tell you to use FTP (which is very slow).

Uptime wise, it is very, very good. Probably one of the best, and I have been with them for a couple years now.

I left because I was unhappy with the shady feeling member base, and the atrocious English of it's members. I mean, if you are foreign, host your website on a host from your country.

Community: 2/10

Features: 5/10

Uptime: 9/10

Overall 6/10

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