No matter what I do, CPANEL refuses to let me in?

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Account Plan: EXPERT 2000

cPanel UserName: smiley

Your Domain or Subdomain:

Browser: FireFox v12

System (Mac/PC/Linux): PC

Nature Of Problem: Cpanel

Error you are Getting [if applicable]: Can't login

Problem: Can't login

I tried to login to my CPANEL today, the first time in the last 2 weeks +/-

I used my correct username & password but CPANEL refused to accept my login.

I used FTP & it works/logsin fine with the same exact username & password I have always used.

Before I tried my FTP though, I thought that maybe something was wrong, so I reset my password.

I recieved a confirmation email, & copy/pasted it into my cpanel login screen where required.

It did not accept. I requested a new email---same problem. I again requested a reset email,

& still got the same problem except this time it said my access was suspended & to contact

you for resolution.

What's wrong?

I just loged on to my FTP account into my website & my user name & password(original) still work.

Im totally confused.

:blink: Please advise.Thanks :mellow:

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I think the problem is resolved.

I was searching for more info while waiting for a response, & I accidently happened upon a CPANEL link on one of your supporting pages, which when I followed it it took me to a NEW Cpanel login URL. I typed in my Username & Password....and low & behold.....Im in!!??

Sombody somewhere must have changed something, & on a need to know basis I guess I wasn't designated to need to know.

Geeeee.....thanks for the exercize!

Wasted my whole afternoon.

Bobby icon_rolleyes.gif

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Yup, when we changed servers we got a new hostname which is where you're directed to to use the secure cpanel login.

I didn't make an announcement about the "new" login url because nowhere on the website or forums have I directed people to use the 'hostname' login url directly. I have always told members both on the forums and on the website to use

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Just to add to this;

There might have been an issue whereby some of the links buried deep-down in the Wiki to cPanel/Webmail were referencing the old Deuce hostname.

I've gone through and updated these, but there were only 2 or 3, so not sure if this was the issue.

Thanks :)

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