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Recent Downtime Announcement – Sept 29 to Oct 1

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Here is the explanation for this weekend’s downtime that you’ve all probably have noticed.

On September 29th at around 6am (GMT -8:00) the server went offline for what was supposed to be a simple hard drive replacement due to a few SMART errors showing hard drive wear. Unfortunately due to a miscommunication between me and the upstream provider, the contents of the old drive were not transfered over to the new drive. The time between that and October 1st the downtime was due to waiting for responses from upstream and hiring a 3rd party to transfer all the data to the new hard drive. At 3pm (GMT -8:00) on October 1st all the data was transfered successfully to the new hardrive and all problems were successfully resolved.

There was no dataloss due to the drive transfer and in all, there was about 57 hours of downtime.

In regard to emails sent to your VlexoFree hosted email accounts; if you had emails sent to you during the downtime you will most likely start to receive them within the day as the sending host retries their mail queue.

Sorry for the unacceptably long downtime caused by this and the inconveniences it may have caused you. Hopefully this will not happen again.

Eli L.

VlexoFree Owner, System Administrator

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