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Okay, if you have heard too much about  Yo! in the past a few days, I apologize for bringing this up. But if you want, add me: MRHAN. 


So rude of me not sharing some of my basic information with all you like other descent human beings. My name is Tony and I live in Canada. Currently, I am still in school, not studying anywhere close to computer science or software engineering. Coding is not even close to me, but what brings me here is internet. 


In the past year or also, I started to build my blog. Topics ranging from a restaurant review (my blog is even up on Urban Spoon, but I only have two reviews so far) and movie reviews, to opinions, everything from technologies to finance, and personal thoughts/diary. In the future, I want to push out quality posts with a set of topics (building a pipeline) on a steady schedule. My dream is to really one day create my own nation. 


Before Vlexo, I used Wordpress and hosted my blog there. It's great and all, but I cannot find the customization I needed; therefore, I thought about hosting my website and install a CMS on top of it (I may still use WP since all my past blogs are on there, but I also started to consider Drupal and Joomla, but apparently they require more technical skills, i.e. PHP, Java, etc.). This way, I can do some 'big' data and business intelligence stuff to improve my blog! My work definitely contribute towards this change of mindset; I work at an open source technology development company. 


I am eager to learn about how to make the best out of Vlexo and how to give back to the community! Excited to be part of an amazing community (since this is featured on reddit, I assume the same spirit carries over?). :)


Cheers to you all,


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