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Name: James White

Age: 16

Previous host: Freewebs.com

Domain hosted there: http://freewebs.com/pulsegfx (Redirects to http://pulsegfx.net hosted by Vlexo :P)

Score: 5/10



This review is soley based on giving information about a previous host. It is no way written to "bad mouth" another hosting company. This review is based on personal experiences of the author and his belief's.


Before I found Vlexo Hosting I was hosted at freewebs.com, im sure many of you have heard of it. Now Freewebs is one of those hosts that offers two account methods of site building.

First Account method: Site builder

By choosing to have you account on site builder mode, you get all of the features like, being able to set pre-made templates, add widgets to your site etc. I would say in a nutshell that this method is for the complete beginner in building a website, that doesn't know much about web-coding etc. The easy site builder also offers the site editor tools which is the famous WYSIWYG editor, in actual fact the edit is a very powerful tool and has won awards on it's greatness, so Freewebs shold be proud

The Alternative Account Method: HTML Mode

By choosing HTML mode you get a very different and basic features. The major change is the site editor is gone, you don't have it anymore. Instead you have something called file manager, which is (And seriously people don't hate me for this) kind of like cPanel. This cPanel type editor meant you actually edited to the coding of pages instead of seeing the content and just editing the content in the pre-made template boxes. HTML mode was defiently not for some person who doesn't know about website coding.

What was good about Freewebs?

Freewebs are a great bunch of people, based in America (I forget exactly where) they are friendly and there support is excellent, they have a live chat which was easy to use and a representative would be with you in a short space of time. So I can say that support was good.

What wasn't good about freewebs?

As I grew up and got into proper web-coding, XHTML and CSS etc, I just didn't really get the web host feel from Freewebs, of course I was on the HTML mode method account so I wasn't just using some pre-made template for my site, but all the same I wasn't getting that web-host vibe from them. I mean they cared alot for there customers and tried to offer features for both site builder and HTML mode account holders, but I still just never got that feeling

There Premium Services

At the time there Premium services seemed good, because there were a free host and lots of users are using them they also have to add restrictions to a free account. It's been a while since I looked at Freewebs, but there Premium services were set out in three packages:

Starter, Enhanced, Pro

Packages offered factors like this:

  • Removing advertisements
  • More Bandwidth/Web Space
  • Limits removed off certain features like multi uploaders etc
  • Priortity support

There more but they outline the updates in packages

At the time these seemed good because of experiencing both account types as well as being premium and free. They seems like the must have upgrade.

Payments methods were variety as well, so there was no problem with that.

So what would I say about there premium services?

If you are free user and are getting fed up of all the restrictions, you might want to consider a premium package.

What made you leave Freewebs?

Hopefully during this review I have not been too evil to Freewebs, I respect there company for what they do and therefore I do not wish to "bad mouth them" however this part of the review will spill some home trues, so just be aware

What made me leave Freeewebs, was like I said before the general web-host vibe. I wasn't getting it and I was seriously worried about that, another big reasons is Freewebs's decision to not allow web-coding such as PHP, JSP etc. Basically they denied all Server side coding. I think now they allow SSI, but thats not exactly on the same wave length. I did leave party because of no support for Server side coding yes. At one point they allowed you to purchase access to your CGI-BIN folder in a premium package but that just dropped off the package list one day with now warning or reasons. So I got the impression that freewebs doesn't want anything other that HTML and CSS working on there services.

Another factor which made me leave is there features they provided, many of us had asked Freewebs for Forums as a new widgets and eventually they gave it us, but of course without server side coding and MySQL how are they going to do it? Well I don't know if it's a new date in history, but in 2007 Freewebs released forums for users but it was entirely coding in Javascript................... Just think about that for a minute, Javascript............. Yeah? I know a whole forum in Javascript. Hey fair play to Freewebs they've achived a forum without using Server side coding and no DB's, but how pointless is it to make a forum out of unstable coding which is hackers paradise? Hackers would easily be able to manipulate these forums and cause hell. The widgets and stuff they provided after that just became a joke and made me laugh. This also contributed to my leaving of Freewebs.

Going back to the Server side coding issue, I actually cornered one of the support staff on the live chat and said "What if I said to you that I was going to leave Freewebs because of your choice to not support any server side coding" I can't remember the actually reply but I got something along the lines of "If that is your choice then we are great sorry that you feel that way, but we will not be supporting server side coding for the forsee able future" That pretty much gave me all I needed to know. And I left Freewebs soon after.

My recommmedations:

If your a in-experienced person who is just beginning to understand about websites but doesn't know how to code, Freewebs offers great templates for you to choose and implement on your account, but if you are knowledged in XHTML and CSS etc I would recommended you do not go near Freewebs. I would suggess you find a cPanel host, like Vlexo. That offers you more than the average host :)

Thanks for reading my review!

Edited by James W

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Wow freewebs has totally changed :o

New site, new features and live support :o

Support was horrible when i was with them, this was back in about 2003-2004

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Wow freewebs has totally changed :o

New site, new features and live support :o

Support was horrible when i was with them, this was back in about 2003-2004

Yeah can I agree with that, I have had both a Easy site builder account as well as HTML mode account. in 2004 I can remember the old site builder account and there layouts, so dull and boring. They have changed lots since then. So I guess they have improved :)

Regarding the support issues, it was usually free users who had the terrible support, premium tended to be okay.

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Hey James,

a great review of Freewebs, not all is good with them but you spoke honest words, which is what counts :)

Thanks for taking the time to write up this review, i'm sure Freewebs would take parts of it as a complement :D

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