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Review: I have used this host for over two years. They offer very good free hosting, but sometimes the downtime is unbearable. They were down for a week, and it seems that every week they are down for a day or two. It is starting to annoy me, and my users are complaining and sadly some have left. They are still good, but, after the downtime, they are incredibly slow. They just came out of a one week downtime today, and I can hardly download backups in cPanel. That's why I have come to Vlexo - if the downtime gets to me any more, Vlexo will be my new host.

Score: (8/10)

Other: When they are up, they are the best host. You can file for a hosting account on their own little script, and get your subdomain * in less than 15 minutes usually. They are a good site to get involved with.

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