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Account Suspended?

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Account Suspended?
Read these before appealing in this forum.

If your account has been suspended, please post a Suspension Appeal in this forum and a staff member will explain the reasons surrounding your suspension.
(If you cannot find your application, please check "Denied")

In order for any suspension to be lifted from your account, you must include the following information.

  • Account Username
  • Domain
  • Package

Please note, the staff do not have to unsuspend your account if they have a valid reason.

Example Reasons for suspending/terminating accounts including, but not limited to:

  • Continued abuse of VlexoFree Resources
  • Repeated Defiance of VlexoFree Staff and/or their requests
  • Obscene, Rude or Derogatory behaviour to VlexoFree staff or other VlexoFree members.
  • Illegal use of VlexoFree web services

Once suspended, accounts have one month before they are terminated permanently. You [as the account owner] have the period within that month to get your account unsuspended.

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